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Over 100 office projects on all continents. 

JonWest Consulting AB is a data-driven consultancy focusing on your workplace journey – from an office to an asset.

Offers services in dimensioning, floor plans, strategy and change management.


+100 office projects, of which 50 are ABW. +50,000 users on all continents

The founder Jonas Westerlund, was former Director of Volvo Group Future Workplace, Volvo Group.

”Your education fits like a glove in all learning journeys towards the next normal. I have taken the programme myself and changed my way of working


Mental coach: "Cognicopter creates behavioural change in the shortest time"

”I have completed and compared many online training programmes in the health field. We settled on Cognicopter because it created a behavioural change in the shortest time. It gave me positive behavioural change, which is rare for an online course to result in.

You have succeeded in making the content of the programme easy to understand. We now use the training in our work, and the participants really notice the benefits”.
Fredrik Uddeholt, mental coach, ICC Ccoach, Tripple

Many companies should learn more about this - both in terms of health and the economy

”The online training is well thought out and pedagogical. It presents knowledge about the brain in an appealing way that is easy to grasp.

The topic is highly relevant and something that many companies can benefit from learning more about – both in terms of health and finance. I highly recommend the Cognicopter programme.”
Isabelle Sjövall, neurodesigner

Leadership training: "Increased focus and less disruption within the management team"

”Cognicopter has been part of Byggelit’s leadership training. We have gained a deeper understanding of how we are affected by today’s society.

We all thought that multifunctional meetings and media made us more efficient, but the truth is that we’ve seen significant improvements using the insights learned in the Cognicopter programme, especially within the management team, where we have an increased focus and less disruption.” 
Peter Lundblad, CEO, Byggelit AB (supplier of construction boards)

A fantastic eye-opener and source of inspiration

”We, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Halland, wanted to prepare us in the best possible way to meet the flexible working arrangements of the future.

The educational set-up, tests, and subsequent conversations have given us perspectives on our own behaviour and enabled us to make individual and organizational changes. We highly recommend everyone take this course!”

Joachim Lindqvist, Director, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Halland. (Administrators—adult education) They were ranked #1 in the category of 20-49 employees in 2021.

"Making a change doesn't have to be difficult."
Three voices about the programme from Sweden's Best Workplace

At the end of the programme. Which parts of the programme are most useful to you today?

1A. ”I have gained a lot of new knowledge that I will use. I have also passed on some tips to my young people😉.”

2A. “I get brain tired easily and now I can better understand the connections between what I do and how I feel. Thank you for a very good training programme!!”

3A. “…greater understanding of how my brain works and what I can do to utilise it. It is a good model.”

After six months. Which parts of the programme do you find most useful today?

1B. “When and why I get disturbed. Memory fishing. How I learn best.”

2B.  “I think you benefit most from the part with the things that bother us wherever we are. And that you should divide the text so that it is easier to read.”

3B. “I use several parts. It was easy to absorb as a whole and making a change doesn’t have to be difficult.”

"In today's working world, time for your own focus is scarce"

”In today’s working world, time for your own focus is scarce – while the time you are disturbed is unlimited. This programme will help you find your balance. Take it!”
Jonas Westerlund, Workplace Strategist, Tenant & Partner

eHealth strategist: “The Cognicopter training feels meaningful, educational and helpful!

 I learnt valuable things about my brain and the importance of a distraction-free environment for it to function optimally. Among other things, I have gained useful insights into the importance of breaks and why scrolling strains the working memory.”
Henrik Ahlén, eHealth strategist, CGI Sweden