The Brains behind the education

Tomas Dalström specialises in the brain. He is a behavioural scientist, journalist, writer, lecturer and trainer based on brain research.

Tomas has spent thousands of hours trying to understand how the brain works. He has interviewed around 50 scientists and other specialists and read research reports and articles.

He has received national and international prizes and awards for non-fiction, journalism, commercials, commissioned films, interactive productions, drama and innovations.

Tomas knows from experience that an excessive workload can affect memory. It culminated when he called the same person twice in the same morning and said the same thing. ”I didn’t remember the first call. It was a terrifying experience.”

Ulf Ziegler has been the founder and CEO for 30 years of one of Sweden’s most successful animation studios. He is a civil engineer and was educated at Chalmers university, Sweden.

His client list includes Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Scania, Ikea, Saab AB, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, GM, Porsche and others. He has also developed e-learning materials for technicians in the automotive industry. He has received national and international prizes and awards.

”Running a cutting-edge company in digital production means being efficient and creating an attractive workplace, to be able to hire and retain the most competent people in the field.”

Ulf, who produced the programme, has experienced the effects of prolonged stress. He blacked out and drove his car across a pavement and into the wall of a house. ”I woke up to the smell of gunpowder from the airbag going off. Panic! Fortunately, no one else was hurt.”